Friday, March 24, 2006

FLUTE Procol at Nokia 770 (Maemo)

The "new" protocol called FLUTE (File Delivery over Unidirectional Transport, RFC 3926) is the basis of the 3GPP MBMS (Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service) and DVB-H IP Datacasting services (e.g. to send the program guide XML file). It is used for multicast files transfer over IP networks. Fute has a couple of open source projects: MAD-FLUTE from Tampere Univercity of Technology MCLv3 (MultiCast Library version 3) Project fron INRIA Rhône-Alpes Last week we tried to use MAD-FLUTE in Maemo, and it just worked fine. I followed these steps: 1. Download Mad-flute from 2. Compile it in the PC and in Scratchbox (just make) 3. Allow multicast routing in the PC: - # route add -net netmask dev usb0 4. Send a file from PC: - # ./flute -S -m: -p:4000 -t:2 -r:100 -F:myfile.txt -o:1 -C 5. Receive the file in the N770: - # ./flute -A -m: -p:4000 -t:2 -s: You can also use "tcpdump -i usb0" to see network trafic in the 770.

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