Monday, September 24, 2007

MythTV at Nokia N800

MaemoMyth is a frontend to access Mythtv backends. It allows N800 users to watch livetv and recorded programs from everywhere. The application is very simple. It has only two views: MyChannels (livetv) and MyRecordings (recorded programs). One tap in the video area will start the playback in fullscreen. EPG and recording schedules are two other interesting functionalities that could come in next releases.

MaemoMyth connects to the server through the gmyth library, which is based on glib/gobject. The menu->settings option is used to setup the server to connect with. If connection is ok, MaemoMyth starts downloading channel list, recorded videos list and all related snapshots available in the server.

The .install file for MaemoMyth is already available here. Souce code and binaries can be found in the Garage.

Before start using the application, the user needs to setup a Mythtv backend and the GMythStream transcode server. If you have analog TV the transcoder is not needed, just setup mythtv backend to MPEG-4 and a short resolution (e.g. 320x240).
It is possible to easily install the transcoder. There is a repository with .deb packages suitable for Ubuntu Feisty, and a howto explaining how to install it manually.

Contributions and comments are really welcome. The developers can be found at #gmyth IRC channel (freenode) and in the gmyth-devel mailing list.

Here is a short video showing the application...